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There's simply no place like home-
And for convenience and flexibility, there is really nothing quite like it. The UK truly does have everything to offer from the beautiful countryside, amazing coastlines and buzzing cities.

" The convenience of a UK holiday should not be understated. "
Holidaying in the UK is an ideal option for your first holiday with your baby, especially if you're planning to take the car. You can take as much equipment and luggage that will fit in the boot of your car and you decide on the pace of your journey. On the other hand, a train journey will allow you to relax, take in the scenery and focus on your little one, whilst a plane journey will be short and certainly get you to your destination fast.

It is worth noting that very few toddlers appreciate the white sands of a far away destination compared to the fine beaches of north Wales. To them, sand is sand, sun is sun and as long as everyone is having fun, so are they.

" A great age to travel with but be savvy with your packing! "
The convenience of taking a holiday in the UK should not be understated; everything from being able to find all brands of formula milk and baby food from a nearby supermarket, the assurance of quality emergency medical care and the fact that everyone speaks English are extremely important. The only drawback to a UK holiday is that the weather can be a little temperamental, but with this aside, home truly is where the heart is.
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