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Toddlers are keen to explore their surroundings and are fascinated by different sights and smells. Typically they are very excited by the prospect of going on holiday. However, they rarely appreciate long journeys strapped in a car seat or long haul flights. (But don't worry, it's not impossible -it just requires excellent planning).

Toddlers often get cranky when they experience long delays to their journey, so being prepared to keep them entertained is essential. Pack a goody bag filled with activities to keep them occupied. Suggestions include fat colour pencils and paper, play dough, a few blocks, little books, a small car and your toddler's favourite teddy. You could also wrap each item in brown paper a few times, to occupy and delight your toddler further. For long journeys, try to make each activity last as long as possible.

" It's your babies holiday too so take time to go at their pace! "
Toddlers are often bored after long periods of sightseeing, so try to take the holiday at your toddlers pace. Spend time before you travel with your toddler, telling them about the holiday. Tell them a little about what to expect: how you are travelling, where you are staying, what you might do when you get there, as all of this will help them feel secure and less anxious about the trip. When you reach your destination, do not simply rush to unpack and get organised, but instead spend time with your toddler, meeting their wishes, whether that be heading straight for the pool, letting off steam, story time or just sharing a few hugs and kisses.

Out and About
Adventurous little toddlers are often eager to discover and explore their new surrounding on their own two little feet. If this is the case, make sure you have a harness and reins, so that they are safe and in your line of sight at all times. In busy places, it may not be possible for your toddler to wander, and so a having a backpack carrier is a good idea as your toddler will remain safe and have a good view of what is taking place. If you are travelling via a busy airport or train station, a name tag is also very useful just in case of the very worst case scenario where you become separated form your toddler.

Try to get your toddler accustomed to the type of food that they are likely to eat whilst away with you. Regardless of where you travel, you are likely to find some toddler friendly food options such as: pizza, pasta, risottos, tapas, chips, burgers, noodles, sausages, and baked potatoes. You could also pack a few staples, such as beans or pasta for those emergency situations. Remember:
  • Always boil tap water first. If in doubt use branded bottle water.
  • Check that the milk is pasteurised- this is not always the case in India or many African countries. Again, if in doubt use UHT milk.
  • If you are unsure of what to order for your little one, opt for safe options such as pasta or rice and cooked vegetables.
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