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self catering
For a home away from home experience, self catering can provide excellent value for money and total flexibility. From cosy cottages, swanky apartments, and beautiful villa houses with pools, choosing self catering is an excellent option for young families. Many places come equipped with a cot and high chair and some even host a full range of baby equipment including sterilisers, bathtubs and bottle warmers.

"Ideal for a home away from home experience, self catering provides total flexibility and good value for money."
A possible downside is that the daily domestic duties of cooking, cleaning, and looking after the family continues, so you may not get as much of a break from it all as you deserve. Many parents choose to dine out so make sure you check out where the nearest restaurants, shops and entertainment are.

Some families choose to holiday with friends, which is often works well, provided you have similar ideas of what you like to do. This way you can book a large villa which can then work out to be a real bargain! You can also share the babysitting in the evening, so each couple can get a evening to themselves. Things to consider when choosing self catering accommodation:
  • Ring before hand to confirm what equipment is available.
  • Find out where the nearest restaurants, shops and attractions are.
  • Self catering provides more space, which in turn means there's a great area to child proof. Make sure you clear sharp corners, block access to stairs and cover plug sockets.
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