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holiday with baby guide to "Germany"
Destination Germany
Written By Sophie & Constanze Eichwald
Flight time from the UK About 1 to 2 hours
Time difference GMT + 1 hour
Best time to visit May til September and December til February if you like skiing

Reasons to holiday there

Germany is a short plane journey from the UK and offers everything you need for your holiday with children. Whether you want to enjoy more than 1000 km beach in the north, the beautiful and historical cities such as Munich, Cologne or Berlin or the mountians in the south for hiking and skiing - you will find it all. Not to forget the many lakes which are very much in favour for summer holidays with children.

There are many family friendly hotels where you don't need to worry about forgotten nappies - there are plenty in reserve. These special hotels also offer, for example, a buffet for children which is low enough to allow them to choose their meals themselves. As well as hotels, you will also find a lot of private accommodation and farm houses suitable for babies and toddlers. It is also very common to camp in Germany and a good way to experience nature.

Germany is a very safe and family friendly place to visit.

Ideas for things to do with babies/toddlers

Germany is a great choice if you like to be active with your kids. There are good cycling paths all over the country and you can hire bikes everywhere. It is also popular to go hiking in summer or skiing in winter in the mountains (skiing courses are available for all ages). There are many farms in the countryside which offer accommodation and activities for families. The little ones can help harvesting, horse riding and fishing and even spend their night in the hay if they want.

The sandy beaches in the north are also visited by many families who rather relax and enjoy the nice weather.

If you like to visit the cities you will find many museums which invite children to make things with their hands or experiment themselves.

Nappy Brands Available Pampers, Fixies are the two biggest ones
Formula Milk Brands Available Hipp, Alete, Milasan, Milupa, Nestle
Availability of Jars of Baby food Jars of baby food can be found in any supermarkets, discounters and in all drug stores such as dm or Rossmann (like Boots and Superdrug in the UK). There is a great variety of baby food from Hipp, Alete, Milasan or Nestle
Best method to get around The easiest way to get around Germany is by car. Motorways and roads are in very good condition but please be aware that you must provide a child seat for children up to 12 years if they are smaller than 150 cm. Laws are very strict. Another way to get around easily is by train. They are very reliable and fast (ICE) but also expensive.
Things to watch out for There is a large area in Germany (the whole south of Frankfurt) where you can find dangerous ticks. Tick bites may cause Lyme disease which can cause various illnesses and complications. If you are travelling to the south of Germany it might be better to consult your doctor before.

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