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Staying at a hotel can provide a much needed break from the daily grind of cooking, cleaning and housework, allowing you to relax more and enjoy your time with your little one. Most hotels will provide you with cots and highchairs in their restaurants; many will happily arrange babysitting or have listening devices in the room and some will even prepare gourmet baby food. In general, hotels are becoming better geared towards families and their needs.

Things to consider when choosing to stay at a hotel:
  • Ring beforehand to confirm they have a cot and that they have sufficient highchairs in their restaurants.
  • Ask whether there is a children's menu and whether toddlers are allowed in the restaurant at all times.
  • Child-proof your room. Check for unsuitable coffee tables, sharp corners, dangerous balconies and plug sockets. For trips in the UK, remember to take your socket covers form home. For trip abroad these will not work, in which case take some cello tape and card to seal up any accessible power points.
  • Ask that your bathroom has a bathtub and not a shower.
  • If the budget stretches, go for a bigger room. Baby's items always take up a lot of space and toddlers will enjoy the extra space to play around in.
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