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far and away
Top long haul destinations for parents with babies and toddlers include Florida, Caribbean, Cape Town, Canada, Australia and Dubai.

" Long flights require excellent planning- a night stop over might be a good option "
All have been recommended for their friendly attitude to babies and excellent facilities.

When deciding to go on a long haul holiday things to take into consideration include:
  • What vaccinations or malaria tablets if any are needed? Visit our immunisations page for more information
  • What are the visa requirements? Visit our visa section for more information
  • What are the available medical facilities like? Regardless or how good or bad they may be, always take out adequate medical insurance.
  • Will it be too hot? Even if your hotel is air conditioned, you won't want to spend your entire holiday indoors. Check temperature charts for your destination and travel during a comfortable season.
  • How will you cope with the jet lag?
  • Long flight times require good forward planning. Check out HWB's section on getting there, for tips and advice on how to prepare for a long haul flight.
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