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Competitively priced fares, short flight times and the lure of warmer weather make many parts of Europe a favourite with parents and babies alike. Southern France, Spain and its islands, Italy and Portugal come top of European holiday destinations, all of which are recommended for their baby and toddler friendly cultures.

It's worth noting though that a warm welcoming culture does not always correspond to baby friendly facilities- for example, high chairs in restaurants in Italy are scarce, although Italians love babies.

Things to consider when holidaying in Europe include:
  • School holidays vary from country to country across Europe, making some resorts very busy and more expensive. If possible, choose to travel when it is still term time in the UK and your destination.
  • Many parts of the Med can become too hot for babies and toddlers, so bring sunscreen, carry water and stay in the shade.
  • To be eligible for free or reduced cost medical treatment in the EU, remember to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) form prior to leaving the UK. (Forms are available from the Post Office).
  • In many self catering accommodations there is no central heating so it can get cold in the evenings in the autumn and winter.
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