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child safety on holiday
When a holiday goes wrong - keeping your children safe

What type of holiday is safest?
No holiday is risk free - but then again, neither is staying at home. You need to weigh up the potential for risk and the experience you're likely to have. We've listed the safest options:
  • Staying with friends and family: assuming they have a child-proofed house, this is probably the safest option and is much like being at home. The downside is that unless your friends live somewhere you really want to visit, it won't feel like much of a holiday. If you all want to go out at night, you will still have to arrange a babysitter, unless you have a long-suffering grandparent on hand.
  • Staying at a child-friendly gite, villa or self catering apartment: As long as the property you select is genuinely child friendly (has an enclosed swimming pool, stairgates, baby monitors and plug sockets etc.), this is a great option as you can still get some adult time alone with your partner - particularly in the evenings - without leaving the property. Ask in advance whether baby sitting can be arranged for the evenings you want to go out.
  • Staying at a child-centered resort with a range of child care options: It may not seem like it given recent events, but holidays like Mark Warner and other family friendly resorts provide a safe option. Most offer either babysitting, night creche or baby listening facilities. Many parents find the baby listening service perfectly adequate - but others might take more comfort now knowing that a babysitter is present. Baby listening is usually free while babysitting is not, so you will need to factor that into your planning.
Another option is to let your child have a long siesta during the day so that they can stay up later at night and enjoy the evening with you. Obviously, this means less couple time, but will allow you to still get away to a sunny destination with time to yourself during the day as most have kids clubs to keep children entertained.

Five ideas for a safer holiday
  • Place an identity band on your toddler. It's natural for toddlers to wander off and explore, especially new and exciting surroundings, so having your child carry some form of identification is very good idea. Make sure your child is wearing a tag with their name, and a contact number of where you are staying or your mobile number if it works in the country you are visiting. .
  • We all need some grown up time alone so when leaving your child asleep in the room, use a listening devices or purchase a long-range walkie talkie. You could also facetiem across two ipad/iphone devices. This can give you added peace of mind on top of other listening services the resorts may provide. Alternatively, hire a babysitter instead.
  • Always carry a small first aid kit with you. You can check holidaywithbaby’s comprehensive list of items to pack in your first aid kit.
  • Talk to toddlers aged three and over about the dangers of talking to strangers and that they must never go anywhere with anyone, without first telling mummy or daddy first. When visiting busy places like airports and shopping malls, tell them to stay close to you and if appropriate use a harness to keep your toddler close to you.
  • Know your numbers! If you are travelling abroad or even local, its worth knowing the emergency numbers, embassy numbers and even local doctors, pharmacies etc. Also keep your documents together so they are easy to find and access.
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