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camping tentTheres no doubt about it- kids love the great outdoors and camping offers a sense of freedom and adventure that no other holiday type can deliver. Plus, there is a wide variety of ways to do it, from pitching your own tent in a camping site, hiring a camper van to touring around vast areas of wilderness or staying in a ready prepared tent or lodge at a permanent holiday park.

Camping has also gone up market, with some companies offering luxuries such as microwaves, fridge freezers, televisions DVDs, ensuite bathrooms, outdoor gas barbeques and of course plenty of hot water so whatever your preferences, you are sure to find something to suit. Whichever way you choose to go camping, get ready for lots of outdoor activities and fresh air.

activities are a plenty The best thing about camping is that it offers fantastic value for money for families. Great destinations outside the UK to go camping include the South of France, Spain and Italy and if you are able to travel in late Spring or early Autumn you'll still get warm weather, but not the overcrowding that can happen in the peak of the summer.

Camping also offers plenty of flexibility- you can pack the car and take the ferry (which adds to part of the adventure) or catch a flight and hire a car at your destination. Either way, you are able to enjoy the holiday at your own pace.

holiday parks
Often situated in the heart of the countryside, holiday parks offer the chance to enjoy the great outdoors, whilst living in either a pre-prepared tent, a mobile home or cabin. You will find everything you need for families with young children including cots, highchairs and onsite restaurants serve children's meals. Many parks are totally geared to families, with heated outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor play areas and kids clubs. The kids clubs are great places for children to meet new friends and enjoy organised activities, giving parents some free time to themselves. Visit our
holiday parks section where you will find an array of great family breaks.

Other parks are much quieter affairs, designed for you and your family to appreciate the beautiful scenery and the peacefulness of the countryside.

motor homes
Another alternative to camping at one site for the entire duration for your holiday is to hire a motor home (otherwise known as a Recreational Vehicle) and explore the wilderness in various countries around the world. This is particularly appealing in North America and Canada, where the scenery in the national parks is so dramatic and the roads easy to drive on. However, be prepared to make many pit stops as the motor home itself can be a little confined with the kids becoming bored easily. Although you will have a kitchen and sleeping areas, there is not much space to live in so make the most of the places you are visiting and enjoy the scenery! For more information on motor homes visit

planning your trip
However you choose to go camping, things to remember include:

  • Camping is an outdoor experience and whether the sun is shining or not, always remember to apply the sun cream to you and the children.
  • If you're camping near a lake, the chances are that there will be mosquitoes or similar bugs, so don't forget to take some insect repellent. For babies and toddlers, there are a number of natural alternatives which are safer to use that those containing DEET.

camping & outdoor holidays for you and baby
holiday with baby has looked at baby friendly holidays provided by various companies which can be seen in the camping holidays section.

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