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by ferry
Although a welcomed break from a long drive, ferrying your car can be expensive, so book ahead to take advantage of any special offers.

Things to consider when taking the ferry with a baby or toddler include:
  • Keep an on board bag with you containing all your essential items as it is unlikely you will have access to your car during the crossing.
  • There will be ample space for your stroller, which should help with young babies and toddlers alike. As with all journeys, keep a selection of activities handy, although most toddlers will be interested in their new surroundings.
  • For adventurous toddlers, keep them on harness reins and never let them out of your sight, especially near doors that exit to the deck. Toddlers are never aware of potential hazards, although the risk of them falling overboard can be very real.
  • If you are planning to take the night ferry, ask the ferry company what facilities they have. Some do provide cots on certain routes. Try to stick to your usual evening routine with a story and milk to get your little one to sleep more easily.
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