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by coach
Although the least expensive means of travelling, it is not a practical means of travelling with a baby or toddler. Even luxury coaches which equipped with a TV and toilet are not the ideal means of transport when you have a young family.

"Make the most of any rest stops to change nappies and warm milk and food."
It is often cramped compared to the train and toddlers will be expected to sit in their seats throughout their journey.

Points to consider when travelling by coach include:
  • Luggage is stored under the vehicle, which you will not have access to during your journey. Make sure you carry an on board bag with all the essentials such as nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, a change of clothes for you and your baby, muslins, bibs, milk and food.
  • Ask whether the company provides car seats. If not check that yours is compatible.
  • Travelling by coach is by no means as flexible as taking your own car, so rest stops may be limited and certainly always short. Make the most of these to change nappies and warm milk and jars of food as there will be no such facilities on board the coach.
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