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6 to 12 months
Once your baby starts rolling, crawling, and moving around independently, the travel challenge begins!

Your little one will be unfamiliar with the concept of travelling and so you'll need to provide lots of cuddles, keep them close to you (wearing a sling is excellent for this) and remember to take some familiar toys and a favourite blanket to settle them.

" They can move so the travel challenge begins but fun levels increase also! "
Try to allow as much flexibility in your holiday plans as possible and not pack too much into your trip. If possible, stay at one location, as moving from place to place may be unsettling for your baby.

If your baby takes formula milk, then remember to take your own brand with you when travelling, as there is no guarantee that your baby will take to a foreign brand. Whilst travelling, you could use a handy milk dispenser and thermos filled with cooled boiled water to make up feeds as you go along. Alternatively, you could use ready made cartons. Either way, remember to sterilise milk bottles, until your baby is 1 years old.

Once your baby has started weaning, preparing fresh food for them whilst on holiday is not always easy (-plus you may just want a break from the daily cooking tasks).It's a good idea to try a couple of jars before you leave to check whether your baby will take to it. Serve them at room temperature and straight from the jar, to help your baby get accustomed to feeding on the go. It may not always be possible to heat them up. If you are staying in self catering accommodation, then preparing meals for your baby is more straightforward although you could make quick meals such as mashed banana and avocado on the go wherever you are staying.
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